Member of the Month August 2015

Congratulations to Ben Gregory of Digiprint.

After hearing about our CEO’s dream of having an exhibition stand built as a replica of a home exactly as we work in Romania, Ben came to the rescue and produced exactly what our CEO had dreamed about.

From meetings to photographs to more meetings, Ben finally came up with the finished product which was launched at the Trowbridge Expo at Civic Centre last month and it went down a storm!

Take a look at these images and then look at the video that we produced for Ben to say a huge thank you.  (As a member you too can have your own video, about your business and why you support Business against Poverty as a member.   To enquire further please contact us here

Congratulations Ben and Digiprint.

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We asked Ben:

  1. What motivates you? I have a passion for doing things the right way. Cutting corners or economising just isn’t the way we work at digiprint and this goes right through to our business environmental and ethical policy. The satisfaction I get from providing customers with the right products and the best quality we can supported with both ethical business practice and eco-friendly production is what drives me.
  1. What is your Business Philosophy?
  • We put our Customers first and strive to secure their loyalty through top quality service.
  • We value our Employees and seek to help them achieve their full potential.
  • We embrace Professionalism and seek Excellence in everything we do.
  • We do our best to help our Communities be better places in which to live, work and grow.
  1. Who do you admire the most? My Dad. He has grafted and worked hard his entire life to support his family and always puts other before himself. He inspired and encouraged me to build my own business and continues to support me with everything I do. 
  1. What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty? Do it! Supporting Business against Poverty helps others less fortunate to support themselves and continues the “pay it forward” ethos that any ethically conscious business should strive to do.


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