Member of the Month – August 2016

Congratulations to Anita Jaynes, owner/editor of The Business Exchange and Platinum Sponsor and media partner of BaP.   August sees Anita launching her already successful Wiltshire/Swindon business magazine into the Bath area and we would like to wish her every success in its growth.

We asked Anita:

Pic of AnitaWhat motivates you? Client satisfaction. I love nothing more than receiving a phone call from a client saying that they’ve won new work from marketing their business with me. I want to be seen as a business leader who listens to her clients and provides a package that works for them.  Sometimes people contact me about advertising opportunities and I know The Business Exchange isn’t the right outlet for them. If I believe that’s the case I tell them, by miss-selling you only do long term damage to the business. I’m here for the long haul, not just a quick win that’s not going to benefit anyone. It’s all about building great relationships and a network of fantastic clients, suppliers and readers- this gives me a lift and drives me forwards.

What is your business philosophy? I try and run a modern business, but with traditional old fashioned values. Working with honesty and integrity is highly important to me. I’d also like to think that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of The Business Exchange. Having worked for charities in the past, TBE was designed from the beginning with an ethos for giving back. I try to do this in many ways from mentoring school and university students, to dedicating a full page to charity in each edition of TBE.

Who do you admire the most? I don’t tend to put anyone on a pedestal, some of the greatest people I know aren’t famous and they certainly wouldn’t want to be mentioned here. I admire anyone who has the ability to be utterly selfless and puts others before themselves, that’s a real gift.

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty? Business against Poverty (BaP) is an organisation built with love. A love for humankind and supporting each other in times of need at home and abroad. BaP provides individuals and their businesses an opportunity to come together and support one another, as well as others though their charity People against Poverty.

I’m proud to be associated with the cause and the outstanding work that they do. I love the fact that everything is so transparent. You get to know the project leaders either through awareness trips hosted by the charity or via their AGMs, hearing first hand where donations are going. It’s great to know that you’re making a difference, even if it’s a small one. If we all embraced the power of CSR poverty could become a thing of the past.

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