Member of the Month February 2017

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RobBealeWe chose Rob as he truly is a man of his word.  On top of his annual contribution to Platinum sponsorship, Rob generously donates to causes close to his heart.  

As an owner of a small holding Rob knows how important it is to have the right tools to do the job to get the highest yield and has made a significant donation to our Tractor appeal.  This is a great start to our finalising our Micro Farm in Romania whereupon it will start to sustain itself for the community.  

We asked Rob:

 What motivates you :  first and foremost my family and friends, without their support I wouldn’t be able to grow our business as it’s very much a family concern.   Then  adding new products and services always give me the motivation to carry on bring a fresh new outlook to the business.
What’s your business Philosophy : Treat others the same way as you would like to be treated. Pay and be paid.
Who do you most admire : I admire lots of people, but in business it would have to be Sir Richard Branson.  Why, for the way he has built the Virgin brand and succeeded in so many different markets.
What’s your advice to anyone thinking of  joining Business against Poverty : As Nike say, Just do it! it’s a wonderful community of like-minded Business people who strive to improve their businesses but at the same time trying to improve the lives of those less fortunateI believe in the Biblical principle of sowing and reaping, the more you give the more you will receive.
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