Member of the month – July 2015

For the second time in the lead up to Business Member of the Year,  Nicholas Wylde is again awarded our DSC_1029Member of the Month because of his continued support and commitment to the work of the charity.  As previously announced in November 2014 Nicholas designed a silver jewellery collection called The Expressions Collection for People against Poverty and with continued sales still donates a percentage of those sales.  To date we have received nearly £1000 in donations and sales continue to grow.  If you haven’t seen the collection for yourself click here or visit Nicholas’ shops in both Bath and Bristol.


We asked Nicholas:

What motivates you?
I have always had a passion for design and making things. My mind never stops churning away creating images of jewellery and now Wylde Art.  My inspiration comes from everything that is around me whether it is architecture, flowers, paintings even photos. I’m fortunate as I like to think three dimensionally.  Sometimes I wake up in the morning and sketch an idea out that has come to me whilst sleeping. I wish I could develop all my ideas but I tend to choose the ones which I feel would work best otherwise the windows would be overflowing.
What is your Business Philosophy?
To bring unique creative jewellery to the high street, to stand out from other jewellers and to make the experience when purchasing something special a truly happy occasion.
Who do you admire the most?
Well it has to be Richard Branson. I am dyslexic and I also channel my enthusiasm into driving the business forward.
What I’ve learnt from him is to never stand still. If you do you may go backwards, trust your instinct if you have a good idea then have a go.
I don’t have an airline to launch but I have my own Wylde Flower Diamond® which I hope one day will be the “must have” diamond. To be the new “Tiffany” of the world.
What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty?
I have supported Business against Poverty for many years. It’s about being able to give back something that means a lot to you. There are lots of children in the UK and around the world who are in very vulnerable situations; so any small help from a business goes a long way to take these kids off the streets into safe hands and a chance for the future.
As a supporter of the charity the benefits are large. Meeting like minded business people and knowing your donation is going to a charity based locally with a global reach which means you can see where the money is going.


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