Member of the Month – May 2015

This month’s award goes to a well deserved woman, Wendy Manister of Zest Concierge, on many levels.

Not only does Wendy hit the big 50 this year, she set herself 50 challenges, some easy and some not so easy; like running the London Marathon for the first time, trekking a 100k in the Sahara Desert were just a couple of the challenges she set herself and all in the name of charity.  Supporting not only People against Poverty, Wendy has raised funds for 4 other charities which are very close to her heart.

We asked Wendy the following questions:

10606576_10153550845090166_5189871659326408907_nWhat drives you to do what you do for charities ? I am in awe of volunteers who really devote a large majority of their lives in helping others, people who risk their lives to help out in disasters (Nepal, Ebola). I don’t have the experience, ability or even time to do anything of magnitude, so raising money by trekking up a mountain, or walking the desert, jumping out of a plane or running a few miles is just my small contribution.  I just wished I was in a position to give more.

What has been your favourite challenge of all the (nearly) 50 you have done?  All the challenges have 10294286_10153314196725166_7050560632947078665_nbeen incredibly tough some more so than others, and definitely not a bucket list, more of a torture list.  Whether physical or mental, all of them have taken a hell of a lot of will power. Out of all the challenges I have done and about to complete there is only one that I have actually enjoyed, even though incredibly tough, that was being there for my Giant Schnauzer and her 12 puppies, from conception to delivery and the 4 months thereafter raising them all to be fine pedigree Giant Schnauzers. It was one of the toughest, with sleep deprivation, ensuring the first few days / weeks that they all managed to get their mothers milk and not get squashed in the process.

10628403_10153484618700166_7957217132892806579_nAs you reach 50 years of age, what do you see the future looking like? All these crazy challenges started because I was just heading into my 50th year and wanted to make sure that I was healthy and could enjoy entering into the next decade, so had a BUPA health check, which I was all good apart from having lungs of a 76 year old, so hence all the challenges came about, giving up smoking was my first challenge which was hard after 38 years of being a smoker. I now feel the fittest I have ever been and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think after being a smoker for so many years that I would ever run the London Marathon, but I did! So looking forward to leaping into my 50’s and ready for whatever life is going to throw at me. However, I do hope it will be a little calmer than the last 18 months.


What ethics are the most important to you in your pleasure and business life: Hard to separate them, but would say Open, Honest and Truthful with family and friends. Trustworthy, flexible, passionate with integrity with my business Zest Concierge


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