Member(s) of Month – March 2015

Our monthly recognition goes to not one, but three very talented business women, Rachel James-Patch of Fairway Learning, Nina Lovatt of HT Training Ltd and Ali Stewart of Ali Stewart & Co.

Nina and Ali are part of the sub committee group for the BaP Business Academy but in addition to this they support the work of the charity in a number of ways.  The most recent was the joint venture with all three ladies combining their skills to bring us the Insights Deeper Discovery day raising £1400 for the charity.  Neither of the ladies took any payment for their work and the whole group of 18 attendees had a fabulous day.

We asked the ladies the following questions:

What motivates you?

Nina: Opportunities to inspire others to greater levels of success and achievement in  their lives.   Ali: Guiding people to think for themselves, breaking free from constraints, and uncovering their untapped potential.  Rachel:  Supporting individuals, teams and organisations to be the best that they can be.

What is your business philosophy?  

Nina: Do what you love and the rewards do come.  Ali: Be kind and giving, and be the change you want to see.   Rachel: People can make the impossible possible if they are treated fairly.

Who do you admire most?

Nina: I don’t admire one standalone person, it’s more about a collection attributes that include: caring for others, courageous and inspiring.  Ali: I admire Richard Branson’s entrepreneurial flair, daring do and sense of fun.  Rachel:  I admire the older generation for the resilience & united front  they presented during wars and difficult times. Plus the way they have embraced staggering change over the last 50 years or so and the traditional family values they represent.

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty?

Nina: I would recommend joining as BaP helps you make business connections, explore advice to anyone        business opportunities, have some fun and raise money for BaP projects. Ali: Joining BaP is a like joining a vibrant business community who support each other.   You also absolutely know where your money goes and you can visit the projects with Val. benefit from joining    Rachel: As a new member of BaP I have been overwhelmed by the warm welcome and commitment of the BaP team to make a difference.  The business connections and opportunities that membership offers me are exciting and I feel privileged.





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