MemberS of the month July

This month, our Member of the Month has become MemberS of the Month.

5 people representing 4 different Business Members will be joining our team of 13 in doing a skydive from 13,500ft.  We think they deserve a great big shout out for their own businesses, so please do encourage them – each person needs to raise £400  so if you know them personally then please sponsor on their individual pages.

Read why they are doing it:

Lyndon Beer of LGB Electrical“I am prepared to throw myself out of a plane for BaP because they give so much of themselves, it`s time to give back to them”!

sponsor Lyndon here



Lucy Dando of 24:7 Staffing Because I can! It is knowing I am able to have the opportunities unlike others in poverty. So I am grateful for what I have and what I am offered”

Sponsor Lucy here

Danielle Pettit of 24:7 Staffing – “Anybody who knows me well enough will know that jumping out of a plane regardless of how many feet high is something I wouldn’t choose to do a million years. However, my recent awareness trip to Romania with Val Huxley has changed my outlook on life. It’s been a real eye opener and if it takes me to launch myself from a plane at 13,500ft to help make a difference to all those innocent lives then it’s something I will take great pleasure in doing.

Sponsor Danni here 

Claire Anello – Utility Warehouse/Piggy Bank Club  “My mantra is life lessons are learned when you step out of your comfort zone (and believe me stepping out an aeroplane is WAY out of my comfort zone).  You start to live… and if that means helping others far less fortunate along the way, even better”.

Sponsor Claire here 

Rory Stewart – Ali Stewart & Co –  “Rory Stewart, the youngest member of the Ali Stewart & Co team, is taking a leap from 13,500 ft to highlight the incredible vision of People Against Poverty, and the unrelenting work they do to help those in need, giving them not just a handout, but a real chance in life”.

Sponsor Rory here 

Jane Forey – Infinity FS“This has been on my bucket list to do and what a great opportunity to combine  with raising money and awareness of a great charity “

Sponsor Jane here

 Of course, we also want to thank our non-Business friends who we think are also worthy of a big shout:

Lucy Oviedo Salmon, Helen McTaggart, , Clare Flanagan, Michaela Clarke ,Claire Hembrough

And a huge shout to our beautiful daughter Laura Huxley (jumping on our behalf :Val & Bill Huxley) – “knowing my mum won’t do it as she has vertigo and dad, well not really sure why not other than a bit scared 🙂  I wanted to encourage all the great work they do and what better way to do it.  Now it’s coming round I’m really nervous but so looking forward to it”.

                                                Sponsor Laura here 


All these wonderful people have now (with the exception of Jane who was unwell on the day) made the jump but their sponsorship pages are still running.  You can read an updated news item here 

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