Peckwater Brands runs virtual restaurant brands, specifically designed for delivery. This is an innovative model in the growing cloud kitchen/delivery only space. The clever part – they’re run from existing kitchens. The Italian restaurant you love on the high street? It’s also a Mexican and a Korean restaurant. The difference between PWB and other traditional franchises is that the brands are licensed to operators for them to run alongside their existing brand and kitchen operations,
meaning that they make more revenue from the same overheads.

Unlike investing in traditional brick and mortar franchises, there are no high sign up costs or changes to an existing brand/business. Peckwater brands offers commercial kitchen operators inc restaurants, cafes, universities, etc everything they need to sell our brands to consumers through food apps Deliveroo, JustEat and UberEats.

The results 
Using data based on years of our partners operating

Earn an extra £12,103 to £44,061 per month

Increase delivery orders by an average of +823%

Reduce your wastage by an average of -4%

Increase your gross margin by an average of +9%

Reduce your ingredients costs by an average of -11%

Take home an extra £1,088 per week in cash profit

“When I was approached by PWB they estimated an average of 100 orders a week. 10 months in and we’re receiving 300+, increasing my sales by £7000 WoW. Revenue that I’ll be using to refurb my restaurant. For the 1st time in 5 years I was able to give myself and my entire team ‘Mothers Day’ off due to the additional revenue PWB has brought in!”

Leo Bradshaw co-founder CEO and Sam Martin co-founder COO

Wanda Criswell

Peckwater Brands, 163 City Road, London EC1V 1NR