We are delighted that so many business have a heart for the work we are doing and want to contribute to challenging the norm and alleviating poverty.

Guyers House Hotel

sianWe have been members for over 2 years now and have found it to be an invaluable and measurable way of supporting charity and getting something back! Not only have BAP held their own events here at Guyers House but as a result of attending those meetings, some of their members have too. The charity has also provided opportunities to network at fun and informative events in various venues throughout the county.

Val and Bill are inspirational in their work and it’s refreshing in business to meet such genuine people who work tirelessly to support and change the lives of children in Romania and throughout the world.

I only hope our little bit has contributed to this very worthwhile cause.

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Graham Massey – The House Ltd

From time to time in our business lives we need something to remind us that a higher purpose of business is to serve others – Business against Poverty provides that reminder.
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Matthew Graham – Monastic Productions

People against Poverty targets specific areas and that focus is what makes them so effective. They know they can not change the whole world but they believe passionately that they can change a corner of it and if you explore their website you will see they’re doing just that! I’m a writer and therefore I appreciate imagination and daring to dream. Val, Bill and the team at BaP dare to dream big in a world that can so easily crush hope. Big changes in small corners – that’s what they do. And the dream is growing.

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Chris May – Mayden

Chris MayFor Mayden, joining Business against Poverty was a no-brainer. It isn’t a lot of money but it has a significant and tangible impact on the lives of people who live in conditions we can’t even imagine exist in the 21st Century. And unlike most charities there are further opportunities to get involved and actually see the benefits of our support on the ground; many of my peers have actually been out to Romania, rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in. But more than that, Business against Poverty provides access to like-minded professionals and companies whose ethos aligns with our own, providing the perfect foundation for a successful working relationship.

We now work regularly with a number of suppliers in the Business against Poverty network. We are delighted to be associated with such a committed, pragmatic charity and look forward to being involved in its continued growth.
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Rob Beale -Rob Beale Limited

We were attracted to BaP because it is a Christian organisation based in Wiltshire. They think outside of the box when raising money by organising events for the business world like networking events, business seminars and a Gala Ball. Being a small organisation the overheads are kept to a minimum so that more of the money gets to where it is needed.

Wanting to experience first hand I joined them on an Awareness Trip to Romania. It was a real opener that people are living in such squalid conditions that I would not even put my pets to live in – and worse of all, its in an EU country! It was great to see the projects that the charity are involved in and the people  who are working on the ground making the difference to people’s lives.

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Matt Goodall – Office Evolution

Business against Poverty is run by a team of committed and dedicated staff with a real focus on helping others. Our experience of the BaP team is that they really care about where the money goes and how it is used. To this end the BaP team keep us informed of the benefits that have been provided from donations, they send regular newsletters and host regular events bringing together like minded professionals to provide yet another benefit and that is mutually beneficial business.


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