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In an uncertain world, leading with purpose matters more than ever

We are excited to be delivering this webinar to you with three guest speakers.

Graham Massey of The House – who twelve years ago transformed our agency and put purpose at the heart of our business.  Today, they are an award-winning consultancy full of committed people who fundamentally believe that business is a force for good. They use their creativity, insight and passion to help businesses find and live their purpose.

Jules English and Jim Parry of Triangle Design – At the end of each financial year the partners give 1% of their turnover to charity. Why do they do this? They believe that they can support those in need by giving a portion of what they earn. Whilst they themselves are not nurses, firemen or charity workers – like everyone as a team, can make a difference by doing what they do best.

Prasant Yelchuri – Our project leader from India.  Prasant will directly talk about his work and the impact that we are making together to supporting those less fortunate than ourselves.   More recently, how his communities are reacting to the covid-19 pandemic.

There will be a Question and Answer session for you to ask any questions to the guest panel.

We truly believe this is a unique webinar where you can hear from businesses and the impact that they are making to front line projects.

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