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by Suan Cain on 03/03/2014

Susan Cain’s Quiet is a Sunday Times bestseller. Quiet gives a understanding to the role of introverts. Cain, a former lawyer, is a self-titled introvert who describes the battle against an workplace that encourages extrovert behaviour. As well as writing …

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by Martin Seligman on 27/02/2014

Martin Seligman was asked by the US command to look into why PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) was endemic in US forces. His solution was stunningly simple. Recall three things that went well each night. Seligman explains the What-Went-Well Exercise …

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Ten Types of Innovation


Larry Keeley is head of a team of writers for Ten Types of Innovation (TToI) – a visually-appealing book that serves as a great foundation for those in marketing. It diagnoses patterns of innovation with examples of 2,000 innovators – …

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by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on 25/02/2014

Csikszentmihalyi‘s book is based on positive psychology. This self-help book allows the reader to diagnose his or her positive frame-of-mind or Flow. The book explores the idea that we are all on short and long-term paths and allows control over one’s …

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The Curve

by Nicholas Lovell

Want to think about your business differently? The Curve by Nicholas Lovell is an insightful look into the future of business. By embracing the free-price-point and moving towards consumer-orientated products. The Curve: From Freeloaders into Superfans: The Future of Business

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The Challenge for Africa

by Wangari Maathai

“In this urgent yet optimistic new work, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai provides a unique perspective on the fate of Africa. Informed by her three decades as an environmental activist and campaigner for democracy, The Challenge for Africa celebrates …

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