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Business sustainability – What it is and why it matters

by The World Economic Forum on 19/08/2014

In the 21st Century, business sustainability needs to be understood in terms of the environment, economic development, human rights, women’s empowerment, and rule of law.  Smart businesses are incorporating these broader principles of sustainability into their business decisions and developing …

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Telling Your Story

by David Sloly from EFx Dinner Club on 16/01/2014

Act 1: PROBLEM & OBSTACLE – You’ve been spending a lot of time and money promoting your business and pitching, but you suspect that you’re one of a crowd of “me-too” providers. You’ve no idea what makes you special. Act 2: CONFLICT – You’ve heard …

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Economic Update – August ’13

by Roger Martin-Fagg on 29/11/2013

This document outlines the basic points, as described by Roger Martin-Fagg. n Confidence

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First let’s fire all the managers

by Gary Hamel from London Business School

Morning Star, a leading food processor, demonstrates how to create an organization that combines managerial discipline and market-centric flexibility— without bosses, titles, or promotions.

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