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Values and purpose of business

by Harish Manwani from TedX

Harish Manwani, chief operating officer of global brand Unilever, talks about the role of business in society. This TED talk focuses on how to have a great environment as well as having a great business. How do we do this? …

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Sally Vanson’s Neuro-Lingusitic Programming

by Dr Sally Vanson on 16/12/2013

The Business Against Poverty team have had a fantastic presentation held by Dr. Sally Vanson. She is one of Europe’s most sought-after Business coaches; specialising in the applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. For a brief introduction into what NLP is and …

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Being grateful is the secret to being happy.

by David Steindl-Rast from TED on 16/12/2013

David Steindl-Rast speaks out against negativity in an inspiring speech. A refreshing insight in the world we live in. If you have 15 minutes spare today – make sure to watch.  

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