The Big BaP Challenge 2017

2017 is the year for businesses to come together to raise some serious dough for poverty relief through the Big BaP Business Challenge.

As business leaders, family, friends and countrymen get ready to take on The Big BaP Business Challenge, you’ll see a host of serious, weird, wacky and simply wonderful events linking brand with social purpose. Business seminars, social events and fund-raisers will reflect each company’s brand, it’s personality and it’s association with Business against Poverty; an enterprise that says poverty relief really is ‘everyone’s business’.

Together, we aim to create a dynamic band of businesses that are creating lasting poverty relief through sustainable business practice.

If you want to show your own brand of BaP appeal by hosting a fundraiser as part of the challenge, please call Team BaP to register your ideas on 01225 718922 and help us make 2017 a business year to remember.

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