What does it mean to be part of the Business against Poverty movement? Can membership make a tangible positive difference to your company, your team and your future?

In our latest member showcase interview, we speak with Chris May, Founder and Director of Mayden, a Platinum Business against Poverty headline member. Chris tells us about his organisation’s data-focused mental health specialism and why he’s been supporting People against Poverty through business membership for almost 15 years now.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your business – who are you, where you’re based and what you do?

“Based in Bath, Mayden is primarily a digital healthcare company that currently specialises in mental health. We provide the patient management systems for two-thirds of the NHS’ psychological therapy programme: out of the 1.8 million patients that access this service nationally, we support around 1.2 million patients a year via our platform. Our biggest growth area is in children’s mental health, and we are now the most used support system in this area nationally. Our software is used around the world and also to aid a number of other clinical disciplines.”

Q: What does Mayden do best?

“We specialise in data-driven healthcare; where we come in is sup-porting the NHS to use data effectively to inform and deliver healthcare improvements that are data-led and outcome-focused. For the past decade, our focus has been on helping to address the burgeoning and vital area of mental health through the data it collects.”

Q: What types of customers do you work with?

“Our team of just over 100 developers, product experts, account man-agers, administrators and communications specialists directly sup-ports the health services that we serve on a B2B basis, working with both NHS Trusts and clinicians as well as a number of national charities including Barnado’s, Mind and Turning Point.”

Q: How long have you been a Business against Poverty member?

“I joined Business against Poverty back in 2009, after meeting with Bill [Huxley] personally and being impressed with the passion and the impact that People against Poverty was making as a charity.”

Q: Why did you choose to join the Business against Poverty movement?

“I feel that there’s a tendency in the UK for charity to begin at home. That’s absolutely fine, but when you look at the communities that People against Poverty is trying to support, particularly the dire circumstances that so many families face in Romania, you realise that the need is just so great in those communities. I’ve always believed that international aid should be a core part of what wealthy countries, and profitable businesses, should do. Call it levelling up on a global scale. This was an opportunity to fulfil our agenda at Mayden and to give back to others.”

Q: What would you say are the biggest benefits of being part of this community?

“There are many benefits; I know from my time supporting the charity that Business against Poverty members work with one another and network together, and that’s certainly an important aspect. I’ve also been to a number of Business against Poverty’s breakfast and lunchtime talks in the past as we were evolving towards becoming the national business that we now are.”

Q: Would you recommend Business against Poverty membership?

“Yes I would recommend membership to any business owner that is looking for a vehicle to give to the sorts of causes that People against Poverty represents. For me, membership is about giving, not receiving.”

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Business against Poverty is an accredited membership community. Its members directly support the humanitarian work of People against Poverty – a registered, independent charity that aims to help alleviate poverty and suffering around the world. People against Poverty’s projects are designed to empower greater self-sufficiency, give new hope and build a more sustainable future. Join a movement for change today: businessagainstpoverty.com


Interview conducted by Business against Poverty trustee Ben Veal, Second Mountain Comms