What does it mean to be part of the Business against Poverty movement? Can membership make a tangible positive difference to your company, your team and your future?  In our latest member interview, we speak with Sarah Perrett, founder and owner of Whitespace, an ethical business owner who became part of the Business against Poverty movement during lockdown 2020. Sarah explains why purpose is a driving force behind her company and how small acts can have big impacts.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your business – who are you, where you’re based and what you do?

I’m Sarah Perrett, brand consultant and graphic designer. I own Whitespace – a collaborative brand and graphic design consultancy based at Glove Factory Studios in Holt, Wiltshire. We’re proud to be a heart-centred business – we build brands on purpose.

We work on whatever goal our clients are aiming for including:

· Attracting customers that love what they do

· Feeling confident in their website and marketing, knowing that it’s going to bring results

· Knowing what to do next for revenue, marketing and efficiency

We offer:

· Brand health checks

· Brand strategy workshops to discover your core brand

· Logo and brand identity design and/or development

· Websites

· Print and digital marketing materials

Q: What does Whitespace do best?

“We help you to build your brand which in turn creates a strong foundation on which to build your business.

Business owners sometimes self-diagnose problems which can result in throwing money the wrong way. Through our CORE Discovery process we ensure everything is aligned between your brand and your customer, which then enables us to devise, design and produce the best solution for you and your business, whether that’s a new, or refreshed website, beautifully branded print and digital marketing materials, or a shiny new logo and brand identity.”

Q: What types of customers do you work with?

“We work with forward-thinking, big picture business owners and leaders of both large and small businesses that are:

· Evolving and/or expanding

· Forward-thinking and open to try new ways

· Open to the idea of brand-building as a foundation from which to grow and/or improve the business.”

Q: How long have you been a Business against Poverty member?

“Just over a year – I joined Business against Poverty in lockdown 2020.”

Q: Why did you choose to join the Business against Poverty movement?

“During lockdown 2020 I began pondering our bigger purpose as a company. Then I met Val and she invited me to attend a BAP webinar. As I met the people involved, heard their stories and saw the huge impact being made, I had tears running down my cheeks and felt in my heart that I had to be a small part of this wonderful organisation. I have experienced poverty myself when I was a struggling single Mum, so helping in this area is very close to my heart.”

Q: What would you say are the biggest benefits of being part of this community?

“For me personally, it is having that deeper purpose to the business and is a great fit as my intention is always to be a heart-centred business owner. Also, our clients love the fact that every project we work on supports people in need through BAP, so by working with us our clients are doing good things in the world as well as in their business..”

Q: Would you recommend Business against Poverty membership?

“Yes absolutely! Let’s build a better, more supportive world through our businesses. If you are busy, it is so easy to make a difference with BAP – you pay by subscription so you don’t even have to think about it and it could make lasting change for someone that needs help. Small acts can have big impacts.”

Q: Lastly, as a successful business owner, is there any advice that you’d give to other businesses right now?

“Firstly, remember that you are a lot more resilient than you know. I feel we’ve all discovered that over the last year, but it is important to keep reminding ourselves when things become challenging.

Secondly – be real, be you – authenticity builds great brands that people connect with, love and want to be a part.”

We’ve all just come through life-changing times, let’s put that experience to good use by changing the face of business for the better. Forget B2B and B2C: build your business to be H2H – Human to Human – and build your business from your heart.


Business against Poverty is an accredited membership community. Its members directly support the humanitarian work of People against Poverty – a registered, independent charity that aims to help alleviate poverty and suffering around the world. People against Poverty’s projects are designed to empower greater self-sufficiency, give new hope and build a more sustainable future. Join a movement for change today: businessagainstpoverty.com


Interview conducted by Ben Veal, Second Mountain Comms